Discovery Platform

A Discovery platform for bioinformatics

Healthpredict Discovery Platform is for the dynamic exploration and analysis of human diseases.
It is a suite of tools for knowledge discovery, including:

  • A web interface that supports user-friendly data exploration and downloading for physicians;
  • The query endpoint that supports data exploration and expand to a variety of external rich RDF resources using Semantic Web technologies;

This is a very useful platform for biomedical researchers, as the platform can score the rates of confidence of each disease-rule association based on the supporting evidence.

  • Finds disease-rule association based on the supporting evidence.
  • Allows answering complex biomedical questions.
  • Allows very specific querying using disease ontologies.
  • It works as app for network analysis of data.

Applying network science to biological systems improves our understanding of a human body as interacting molecules, cells and organs and their functioning in health and disease.

The platform consists of a comprehensive knowledge base of disease associations arising from both expert-curated databases and information extracted from the scientific literature using text mining, with special attention paid to the explicit provenance of the association.


The platform is aimed at a variety of users: from the systems biology expert that analyzes network representations of the disease to the healthcare practitioners who gets data using a user-friendly interface. It also allows to build the specific applications on top of data.